We have been working together with Rikkeisoft for two years now; we have outsourced work from our company in Japan to Rikkeisoft via two Japanese employees and one Vietnamese employee who is onsite at Rikkeisoft office. Most work has been done on developing a mobile app and a web system. We communicate in Japanese, which is very convenient; there is no language barrier. We plan on outsourcing more services to further build the bridge between our firms.

Hiroyuki Yamada
Director, Systena Vietnam

I was happy that the team of Rikkeisoft not only spoke Japanese, but also understood our culture. There are Japanese classes within Rikkeisoft for its employees; this resulted in good communication and therefore good understanding; the final product definitely helps my employees for the better! We make use of Rikkeisoft’s ODC contract, which is highly reliable in all technical aspects. The team is enthusiastic and the leader is highly competent. I hope that we may collaborate for a long time!

Kazuhiro Dobashi
Chief Engineer, World Business Center

Instead of just simply developing for us, Rikkeisoft proposed a radical improvement plan for us; we are grateful to have such good service provided to us.

Mr. Atsushi Saito
CEO, Bijin Tokei Co., Ltd.

Rikkeisoft has excellent human resources with an understanding of what we want; there was direct communication which has helped us to feel safe and being taken care of in all aspects of the project.

Mr. Takeishi Konosuke
Representative Director, OneOfThem Co., Ltd.

This was our first time collaborating with an overseas partner. We were uncertain in the beginning, but it turned out to be a good result with excellent correspondence.

Mr. Otsuka Yuonore
Representative Director, SonicMoov Co., Ltd.