IoT & Embedded

Here at Rikkeisoft, we can create a unique IoT solution from scratch or improve your current system by increasing its functionality with Internet of Things development services. We have experience in various domains of connected IoT solutions, ranging from goods consumption to cloud-based IoT platforms. Our IoT & Embedded systems have been used widely in almost every aspect of life, from transportation to agriculture to household appliances etc.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Rikkeisoft office or submit a business inquiry online.

We have been working together with Rikkeisoft for two years now; we have outsourced work from our company in Japan to Rikkeisoft via two Japanese employees and one Vietnamese employee who is onsite at Rikkeisoft office. Most work has been done on developing a mobile app and a web system. We communicate in Japanese, which is very convenient; there is no language barrier. We plan on outsourcing more services to further build the bridge between our firms.

Hiroyuki Yamada
Director, Systena Vietnam