Web Systems

The staff of Rikkeisoft is well experienced in developing Web systems, such as websites, e-commerce sites and web applications, using a variety of programming languages. In previous experiences, we have gained experience in developing on a variety of scales and systems, resulting in being able to create the perfect web system for you.

  • Programming languages: PHP, Ruby on rails, Python, Java, .NET, mySQL, CakePHP.
  • Development environment: NetBeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio.

Earlier developed web systems:

  • EC Construction site: The EC is a site construction system package based on EC-cube. This package is both scalable and flexible, to make the system integerated with any added functions. These added functions match the size of the EC-site, match with the targets and match the product characteristics, including recommendation function, SNS integration, EC smartphone app and analytics tool. This package provides excellent security and support for the operation of the EC-site and e-commerce.
  • Electronic Medical Record Linkage System: Management of the clinic with information about the patients, data analysis, and a website to support and manage the information.
  • Kindergarten management cloud system: Manages name registration of the kindergarten, parents and staff in the cloud.

Rikkeisoft achieved the ISO 27001 (private data security certification) and the ISO 9001 (quality assurance certification) on June 2, 2015.

We continuously improve the quality of our security and quality standards in order to live up to customer trust and expectations.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Rikkeisoft office or submit a business inquiry online.

We have been working together with Rikkeisoft for two years now; we have outsourced work from our company in Japan to Rikkeisoft via two Japanese employees and one Vietnamese employee who is onsite at Rikkeisoft office. Most work has been done on developing a mobile app and a web system. We communicate in Japanese, which is very convenient; there is no language barrier. We plan on outsourcing more services to further build the bridge between our firms.

Hiroyuki Yamada
Director, Systena Vietnam